The Passage
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May 26, 2011
Michael Schoell

Work on the DarkForge engine has progressed slowly and is mostly in a stage of consolidation. Parts are being revised for their ease of use, flexibility, and robustness. Everything from how you create meshes to how they are managed has been under revision. A new Trie data structure was implemented to provide fast look-up's by name of various objects managed by the scene. This works for most objects though a solution as to how to rapidly iterate through certain lists for the rendering pipeline is still in the works.

More tests with the multi-threading component of the renderer was done on various computers and the results were startling. Where the renderer excelled on my quad core machine, on a dual core machine it seems to run at a fourth the speed when not rendering anything more than a blank screen. I expect the threads are causing too much overhead when they are not doing much since the renderer still far exceeds how many objects can easily be rendered using a single threaded pipeline. However, more examination will be put into this to ensure it is not prematurely being stunted by poorly written code.

Once this consolidation process is complete, work will commence on deferred point lights.

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