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Match is a small game I programmed to test DarkForge's User Interface in both power and flexibility. Beyond setup of the engine and the window to render to, Match is written with five lines of code in C++. The rest is in LUA and XML which amounts to a couple hundred lines of code. XML is used to lay out the framework for the windows, button placement, and art. LUA provides the logic for the game, such was what to do when buttons are pressed, the update logic, and limited render logic.

While this project was not very long, several hours at most of programming time, it did show the limits of my user interface system and a host of features needed. Better management of fonts and displaying text is much needed as it is quite bland, easier texture management on the LUA side, and better control of buttons and other UI objects. By no means is that all, but they were some of my biggest obstacles in trying to make the game.


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